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DIY Cheek Color/Blush—Vegan/Vegetarian/All-natural



Today I wanted to share this sweet trick I discovered because during the winter I feel like I look ghostly and I wanted some way to put color on my cheeks without spending a lot of money or putting unnatural chemicals all over either.

I tried a few options such as turmeric, cinnamon, etc and found that paprika (mine happens to be smoked paprika) gives me a perfect subtle color to liven me up a bit during the days when there are few hours of sunlight.


Its about $2 for my 1.6 oz. bottle and it has a remarkable color and comes already dried and powdered. I think this is an all-around perfect spice for any skin tone because you can make it as mild or as dark as you want…

Simple, easy, I love it!

Author: Sustainably Nourished

I am a follower of the Most High God, the Lord Jesus Christ. I am a mommy, a wife, a wanna be homesteader;) We have 8 chickens, 12 quails, and an awesome dog, and a bunch of plants so far. We desire to be producing most of our own things and less dependent on outside systems!

4 thoughts on “DIY Cheek Color/Blush—Vegan/Vegetarian/All-natural

  1. You should post pics of these beauty tips on your pretty face!

  2. Dang,
    that’s a good idea!

    • Yes! I have been using it for months now and I love it. I always thought I would need some kind of face cover up and bronzer or something, but all I do now is wash my face with the homemade face wash, rub my ACV mixture on to balance the PH, and then in the morning dust a bit of the DIY face powder and some beet powder blush and im good to go…its all super cheap, lasts for a very long time, and is natural stuff on my skin. I just can’t afford the expensive beauty products and I can’t put the parabens and aluminums all over my body either…ya know? So these are a great alternative

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