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Flaxmeal-Oat flour Pancakes w cultured sweet cream and fresh fruit compote (gluten-free, milk-free, sugar-free, fiber, protein, probiotic)

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I am done craving sweets and bread in the morning as my body needs the energy, but only to feel tired, drained and unsatisfied shortly afterwards.  Sometimes I have made eggs and pancakes to try to remedy that but its extra work, extra pans, extra timing coordination…and who wants eggs when there’s pancakes right next to them?

Also, the need for Omega 3 oils is essential for healthy body function.  So, I store brown flax seeds in the fridge as they last longer and stay fresher that way. Then I take a mason jar, fill with flax seeds,  screw on the blender blade from my standard blender and flip upside down and affix to my blender bottom. Turn on grind or high setting and voila, you have fresh flax meal. I just blend my oats this way too and keep a mixture of these 2 in my cupboard, as well as plain flaw meal in my fridge.

This is an easy way to add those Essential Fatty Acids necessary. Also, flax is a good source of fiber. I use plenty of eggs in my batter to increase the protein content naturally, which almost gives a french toast type feel to them.

Now I have a truly complete breakfast in one meal: fiber, protein, EFAs, probiotics, hoorah! And let me tell you its delicious and the options to customize and add variety are quite broad (add chocolate chips, add fruit into the batter, add spices) there’s almost no end to the possibilities. I have also read about people taking out the sweet elements and adding savory spices to turn these into sandwich type breads–awesome, its so versatile!!

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Flaxmeal-Oat flour Pancakes w cultured sweet cream and fresh fruit compote (gluten-free, milk-free, sugar-free, fiber, protein, probiotic)




1 Cup Oat Flour


1 Cup Flaxseed Meal


2 TBS honey or agave


1 tsp vanilla extract


1 tsp ground cinnamon


2 tsp baking powder


1/2 tsp baking soda


1 tsp sea salt


4 eggs


1-2 Cups Almond Milk


2-4 tsp. Coconut Oil (or other oil for pan frying)



Preheat skillet or pans to medium heat.


Blend all ingredients but the milk until well blended. Blend milk in to desired consistency.


Place a tsp of oil on pan/s and spread with spatula. drop 1/4 cup size dollops of batter to pan and wait till you see bubbles and the edges start turning brown. Flip and press down the other side of pancake.


Keep in between two plates to keep warm until all are cooked.


Dollop with butter, whipped cream, I mixed homemade cream cheese with agave to make a cultured sweet cream. Top with maple syrup (we use raw agave). I took some blueberries and strawberries and warmed them in a pan with agave syrup and poured over the whole thing, yum!

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Note: The way to make your own homemade cream cheese is take organic yogurt, set up a strainer with clean dish towel on top, over a glass bowl. Pour in yogurt and cover. Let sit at room temperature for about 5 hours till all the liquid separates from solids. Place wooden spoon on top of dish towel and tie towel around it (careful not to squeeze). Place over a tall glass jar and let the rest of the liquid drip out. When it stops dripping then place the solid (now cream cheese) into a covered glass bowl and store in fridge (will keep for about a month).


Place the liquid (whey) in another covered glass jar and it will keep for about 6 months in fridge.

Use whey to make all kinds of nutritious cultured, lacto-fermented drinks and vegetable (dill pickles, beet kvass, sauerkraut, etc)


Stir some of cream cheese with salt for a typical cream cheese flavor. Stir some with sweetener to taste for the sweet cream topping.


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