Sustainably Nourished

Living on a budget, eating healthy, sustaining it on our own and in community



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Sustainably Nourished is published by Jessica Presley.

Jessica is a dedicated mother and homemaker with a passion for whole foods and holistic home remedies. With her background as a professional hairstylist, she also has an affinity for DIY natural beauty and health alternatives.

We are evangelical Christians who have felt led to better honor our Creator in the ways we practice stewardship with our resources, our health and the environment. We have found our dependence on modern systems of commercial food and medicine much to blame for a number of health issues we have encountered in our young family. Disillusioned with our hyper-consumer culture of “More-Cheaper-Faster”, we have developed a desire for a simpler lifestyle, where we are more connected to the food we eat and the land that supports us. In our quest towards healthier and more sustainable living, we have found a good fit in modern homesteading and permaculture practices.

We have two children and live in a semi-rural suburb of San Diego, California. We are in the process of transforming our modest property (only about .26 acres) into a permaculture micro-farm with the goal of one day producing much of our own food, medicine and energy. Along the way we want to share our research, knowledge and experiences as an example to others who are interested in transitioning to a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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  1. JESS!!! i did not know you had a blog! I am so excited to check it out!!


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